How to Discover Your Interior Design Style

How to Discover Your Interior Design Style

 Phase 1: Choose Your Colors


Start by considering colors you love. What colors make you happy? Look around your home and see which colors are already there. Do you have a lot of blues, greens, or maybe neutral tones? Your favorite colors can give you a big clue about your style.

Phase 2: Explore Visual Inspirations

Spend some time looking at pictures of different rooms. You can find these on Pinterest, Instagram, or in home decor magazines. Save the ones you like the most. You’ll start to see a pattern in what catches your eye.

Phase 3: Visit Stores in Person

Go to furniture stores or home decor shops and look around. Touch the fabrics, feel the textures, and see the colors in person. Sometimes, what looks good in a picture doesn’t feel right in real life.

Phase 4: Compare your choices

Make a game of it. Look at two different styles and decide which one you like better. Do you prefer a sleek, modern look, or something more cozy and rustic? This can help narrow down your choices.

 Phase 5: Reflect on Your Lifestyle

Think about your daily life. Do you have kids or pets? Do you love having friends over? Your lifestyle should influence your decor style. Practicality matters just as much as aesthetics.

Phase 6: Assess Your Comfort Preferences

How do you like to feel at home? Do you want a calm and serene space, or do you thrive in a more vibrant and energetic environment? Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and happy.

 Phase 7: Select a Style That Resonates with You

After all these steps, choose a style that feels right for you. Don’t worry too much about trends or what other people think. Your home should reflect your personality and make you feel good.

 How Do You  Choose a Design Style That Feels Right for You?

 A Couple of Home Decor Style Notes Before We Begin

Before diving in, remember that your style can be a mix of different things. You don’t have to stick to one label. Also, there are quizzes online that can help pinpoint your style based on your preferences.

 How Do I Choose a Style for My House?

Choosing a style for your house follows the same steps as picking a style for a single room. Think about colors, look at pictures, browse in person, play “This or That?”, consider how you live, and pick what feels right.

 What Are the Basic Rules for Decorating?

Some basic rules to keep in mind:

– Balance: Make sure your space feels balanced, not too heavy on one side.

– Contrast: Use different colors and textures to add interest.

– Functionality: Your space should be practical and meet your needs.

Here Are the 3 Steps I Suggest You Take if You Want to Find Your Decorating Style

 1: Take Note of What You Have

Look at the furniture and decor you already own. What do you like about them? What don’t you like? This can help you figure out what styles you’re drawn to.

 2: Create a Pinterest Board of Rooms You Love

Start a Pinterest board and pin rooms that you love. After a while, you’ll see a pattern in the styles you’re attracted to.

  3: Study Both What You Have and What You Want and Match It Up with a Style

Compare what you already have with the rooms you’ve pinned. Look for common elements and see which style they match up with.

 Common Home Decor Styles : (20 Most Popular Interior Design Styles)

There are many home decor styles out there. Here are some of the most popular:

 Transitional Interior Design Style

A mix of traditional and contemporary elements. It’s important to know that your style can be a combination of two or more styles. Taking style quizzes or showing photos to designers can help pinpoint your exact style.

 Traditional Interior Design Style

Classic and timeless, with rich colors and lots of details. Think of elegant furniture and ornate decor.

  Modern Interior Design Style

Clean lines, simple colors, and minimal clutter. Modern style is all about simplicity and functionality.

 Eclectic Interior Design Style

A mix of different styles, colors, and patterns. Eclectic style is all about creativity and personality.

 Contemporary Interior Design Style

Similar to modern but more fluid and less strict. Contemporary style often incorporates current trends.

 Minimalist Interior Design Style

Less is more. Minimalist style focuses on simplicity, with very few decorations and a neutral color palette.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, with clean lines, organic shapes, and vibrant colors.

 Bohemian Interior Design Style

Casual, colorful, and full of life. Bohemian style is all about mixing patterns, textures, and colors.

 Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

A blend of modern and rustic elements. Think cozy, comfortable, and charming.

  Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

Vintage-inspired with a soft, romantic feel. Shabby chic is all about distressed furniture and pastel colors.

 Coastal Interior Design Style

Light, airy, and inspired by the beach. Coastal style features blues, whites, and natural materials.

 Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style

Luxurious and dramatic, with bold colors and lots of sparkle.

 Southwestern Interior Design Style

Warm and earthy, with lots of natural materials and vibrant patterns.

 Rustic Interior Design Style

Cozy and natural, with lots of wood and stone elements.

 Industrial Interior Design Style

Inspired by warehouses and factories, with exposed brick, metal, and wood.

 French Country Interior Design Style

Elegant and charming, with soft colors and vintage details.

 Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Simple, functional, and minimalistic, with a focus on light and natural materials.

  Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, with warm colors, terracotta, and natural materials.

 Art Deco Interior Design Style

Bold and glamorous, with geometric patterns and luxurious materials.

 Asian Zen Interior Design Style

Calm and serene, with natural materials and a focus on balance and harmony.

Top Interior Design Types Per Room

 Interior Design Styles: Living Room Top Pick

Think about how you use your living room and what styles you’re drawn to. It could be cozy and traditional or sleek and modern. We recommend the Modern style, characterized by clean lines, a neutral color palette, and minimalist decor.

Bonus: A sleek, low-profile sectional sofa with smooth upholstery complements the modern aesthetic perfectly.

Interior Design Styles: Bedroom Top Picks

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary.It should makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We recommend the Scandinavian style, known for its simplicity, functionality, and warmth, using light colors and natural materials.

Bonus: A simple, cozy sleeper chaise sofa with wooden legs and neutral fabric works well as an accent piece in a Scandinavian bedroom.


Add Your Favorite Decorating Style into Your Home

Once you’ve figured out your style, start incorporating it into your home. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with a few key pieces and build from there. Remember, your home should make you happy and reflect who you are.